Arts, Culture, Youths and the Environment

Sustainable Environmental Management

Healthy Environment is a Basic Human Right
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Our Mission 

To Harness the Power of art for Sustainable Livelihoods. 

Our Vision

A prominent community of youths excited to innovate; share knowledge and skills; participate in taking actions; and are themselves stewards of the environment.

Our Core Values

Ethical • Integrity • Diligence • Creativity • Client-centred • Result-oriented • Quality • Teamwork/participatory • Impactful and • Responsive.


Who We Are

Conservation Arts is made up of environmental activists and artists who seek to create social value and positive environmental impact by engaging youths. The organization utilizes sociocultural and artistic platforms for advocacy, policy lobbying and inclusive participation on issues related to sustainable livelihoods, human dignity and co-existence with nature.

‘Everyone has Something To Say, To Hear and To Do.’

Our Thematic Areas

Capacity Building/Training


Exploration and Value Addition


Consulting Services

Maluso Ndi Chilengedwe

We believe in participatory artistic approaches to solving issues that affect our environment .these programs seeks to build the capacities for youths’ self-expression,talent development.


We Are the Saviours Of Our Planet

Eco System
Create a geographic area where plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather and landscape, work together to form a bubble of life.
Solar Light
Unlike traditional outdoor lighting, solar lights draw from the sun's energy, storing it via a rechargeable battery until dusk to illuminate pathways, stairs, and fences.
Eco Ideas
Make your life more environmentally friendly. Recycle to reduce pollution and save energy, turn down the bag, buy only what you will use, avoid disposable products etc
Save money and energy by using daylight to naturally light your home. Install solar-powered outdoor lights. Make sure to close windows and doors when heating or cooling your home.

Upcoming Events

5 Days Permaculture Food Forest Training
8th to 12th August 2022
Permaculture Training Institute
Season for Adventure
The dates are getting closer Hike For Fun sapitwa.
2022 Photo Contest
Photography deepens our connection with the planet. We all see the world through a different lens. Share your view with us!
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